Aptoide Cookies Policy

What is a cookie and how Aptoide uses it

A cookie is a small text file sent from a visited website to the user's browser. Aptoide stores a cookie in the users computer or mobile device in order to improve user experience. This helps Aptoide to remember information about user preferences on a future visit, thus increasing website efficiency. With the storage of cookies, the user does not need to introduce information repeatedly.

For example, Aptoide uses cookies to remember user language or to count the number of visitors by page.

You can block the use of cookies through your browser settings. This action could result in an unsatisfying experience in the website.

Type of cookies used by Aptoide

Advertising: We use advertising cookies such as PREF or NID from Google Services to improve ads customization on a search event. This way, the ads shown are more attractive to the user.

Analytics: Analytics cookies are used to help us collect information about the website visitors for statistics purposes, improving the value of our business (For example: Which country visits us more often? What is the average age of our users?).

Preferences: For this type of cookie, we save user preferences such as language or the different news that the user has seen. For example, once the user sets their language, this will be the same on further visits from the same computer or device.

Session: These types of cookies are only available until the user closes the browser, allowing access and passing information.

Third-party: These cookies are created from third-party services like Google, Youtube, Facebook or Twitter and can be used to monitor services efficiently like advertising.

How to manage cookies

All browsers allow users to accept, refuse or delete specific cookies through browser definitions.